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Palm Oil

This week for Miss White’s reading group we learned how to look at two sides of an issue and form an opinion, to look at an issue and debate your opinion and palm oil.

What is palm oil? Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp (reddish pulp) of the fruit of the oil palm. The oil is used in food manufacturing.

First, we had to discuss in a group what palm oil is. Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp (reddish pulp) of the fruit of the oil palm. The oil is used in food manufacturing. For example: skittles are made out of palm oil.

Next, Miss White explained to us what we are supposed to do. We had to make a copy of the argumentation board and work through it.

Afterwards, we had to create a DLO explaining your opinion on “Should we continue to buy products with Palm Oil?”. Add some facts and pictures.

Lastly, we had to recount what you have learned on my blog.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at explaining what palm oil is. I need to improve on adding more details and facts into my DLO and google slide.

Suspenseful Beginning

In writing this week, we have been learning how to create a suspenseful beginning through imagery and dialogue.  Suspenseful means

creating a feeling of excitement and uncertainty about what will happen next.

using descriptive language to create vivid mental pictures or sensory expeniennces what you see,smell,hear,tase and feel.


Food Safety

This week we learned about food safety.

First we watch two video about foods safety. Food safety has 4 different way to keep them safe.There are clean , separate , cook and chill.

Next, we had to make a slide about how to keep you food nice and clean. For example: Clean is where you wash the vegetables and fruits.

I enjoyed doing this task .I did well at explaing what the 4 different type of way to keep them safe. I need to improve on adding more details into the writing.


Amorangi & Sila ANZAC Vocab

Today we are learning about ANZAC words from a long long time ago.

First , me and Sila were curious about what ANZAC means Miss Tele’a and Miss White said that we can search on google and we find out that ANZAC means Australia New Zealand Army Corps.

Next , we were figuring out hard words that we even don’t know so we look on google and search it up.

Lastly we finished and started blogging it and put it on our must dos.

I enjoyed working with amorangi and ahea.

I need to work need to work on understanding words that i need to know.



 Today we were talking about how much weight or protein of type of food it has in it.

First Miss Tele’a put some links in to help us figure what pounds or ounce or even how much carbs it has in it.

Next I went on the link that Miss Tele’a put i press nutritional value i started typing up the word to help me more even though we have to use it but i type up the word and found it and copy it and put it on my work.

Lastly Miss Tele’a told me i can blog it yesterday but we have to go home so i am blogging it today.

I enjoyed going on the links and finding the word on it.I need to work on my 1lbs and kgs and ounces.

Junk food

|n reading we have been learning to think about two sides of an issue. We had to think about if junk food should be banned or junk food should not be banned form school.I think it should not be banned because I like cookie and seaweed and then have sugar in cookie and seaweed.

Water Pollution

This week for inquiry I learned and talked about water pollution. Water Pollution is rubbish and plastic that is thrown into the sea. This is bad for the environment.

First I had to talk about what it is, how it basically gets into the sea or ocean, why is it bad and where does it come from. For example : The rubbish and plastic comes from people throwing their rubbish in the sea or floor.

Next we had to get into groups of 4 and research information about the water pollution.

Lastly we had to create a DLO about water pollution anf explaning what we found out about it.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at making a DLO. I need to improve on nothing.