Tag: Inquiry

Food Safety

This week we learned about food safety.

First we watch two video about foods safety. Food safety has 4 different way to keep them safe.There are clean , separate , cook and chill.

Next, we had to make a slide about how to keep you food nice and clean. For example: Clean is where you wash the vegetables and fruits.

I enjoyed doing this task .I did well at explaing what the 4 different type of way to keep them safe. I need to improve on adding more details into the writing.

Water Pollution

This week for inquiry I learned and talked about water pollution. Water Pollution is rubbish and plastic that is thrown into the sea. This is bad for the environment.

First I had to talk about what it is, how it basically gets into the sea or ocean, why is it bad and where does it come from. For example : The rubbish and plastic comes from people throwing their rubbish in the sea or floor.

Next we had to get into groups of 4 and research information about the water pollution.

Lastly we had to create a DLO about water pollution anf explaning what we found out about it.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at making a DLO. I need to improve on nothing.